Monday, March 7, 2011

Experiment with Google Chrome OS

I've mentioned it in this blog before, but a couple of weeks ago, I received a free, brand new, shiny laptop from Google running their in development Chrome OS. It has been wonderful to have at school since my Macbook Pro's short battery life makes it useless to bring to class, and it's been fun being part of a beta program, testing and logging bugs.

Unfortunately, my Macbook Pro has taken a turn for the worse and won't even turn on.  Right now it's in the shop, and it may be more expensive to fix than it's worth.  No matter what happens with that situation, I'll pretty much be stuck only using Chrome OS for the next two weeks.  This will give me a chance to really flesh out the things I like and don't like about the OS as it is right now.

At the end of the two weeks, I will try to write up a review of Chrome OS, and the computer that Google sent me (called the CR-48).  We'll see if that actually happens, but hopefully I'll have time to do it.  If Chrome OS takes off as a successful consumer product, I would like to have a record of what I thought of it initially.